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Knitted; Kangaroo and Koala

Knitted; Kangaroo & Koala

My most recent commission is for an Australian girl living in Canada working as a nanny. She’s currently working in the Yukon- how crazy! She asked for a kangaroo and a koala, which I thought was an adorable idea. While I have made a few koalas, the kangaroo was a new venture and, I won’t hesitate to say, a painful one! The legs were quite complicated, and the shaping required a lot of short rows and turning and man they hurt my brain. I’m actually really surprised that they turned out the same – even with my writing down every tiny step on the way. Now that it’s done, though, I can always make another if need be.

IMG_8849 IMG_8854

I am thinking of making my original patterns available for purchase, as well. Once I have things organized and uploaded, I will set up a link and promote it.


Pattern Day: Fave Baby Sweaters

Okay, so, I am in a bind here and don’t have an original pattern to share with you, but I do have a few reliable ones that I’ve found over the years to love. These patterns are simple and quick to knit up; which is totally my style. While I am perfectly capable of knitting complex, painstaking pieces, if you know anything about me; you know that my patience and attention span only extend so far. (Which is why I got into knitting stuffed animal fever- there are so many little parts you can knit up in an hour, then 6 parts later and you have a whole creature!) Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence that I actually made these sweaters. Since making these and giving them away, I’ve begun photographing all my knitting for such an occasion.

First is my favourite little pullover sweater. I have only knitted 3 toddler sweaters and 2 baby sweaters in my entire knitting life; this one I made twice, and loved it. It knit up really quickly and in the toddler’s case, I added a ton of fun intarsia to the chest which was really easy to do, and gave it a great ‘trendy ugly’ sweater touch.


Second is a most adorable and delicate and girly sweater. It is beautiful and I love the use of the daisy stitch here. I made this for my niece for Christmas this year and it was adorable. I had to improvise on the sizing, because was four and a half, not a baby, but it turned out really well!


This sweater is adorable, cozy and I love the texture of the stitch along the hood and front of the sweater. I made something similar for my niece two years ago; with a herringbone stitch along the front where the buttons went, and, true to form, added some fun, ‘trendy ugly’ intarsia along the chest. Unfortunately I made it a bit on the small side and I don’t think she fit it for much more than a month- oops!


This one is on my ‘to do’ list- it looks really simple, but cozy and comfy. It is also worked flat, for those of you who fear or loathe knitting in the round; you just have to do a bit of sewing to finish it up.


Ps. In case you couldn’t tell, I really love Ravelry and DROPS designs – go check them out! They are definitely my go-to resources for patterns, barring success there I usually turn to google.



Knit like your life depends on it! Man, I have been so busy lately. Not with commissions (unfortunately?) but with friends and family who are expecting little ones of their own. So that means baby shower gifts!! Although I realize now, as a mother, that the plethora of stuffed animals is like a suffocating avalanche, I still make and give them to people. I think there’s something especially charming about a custom-made, unique stuffed animal.