Baby Atlas

Our first sonogramAfter a couple short months- and believe me I say short in hindsight because at the time they were excruciatingly long months- of trying to conceive, my husband and I were thrilled to be anticipating the arrival of our first child in September 2013. Our initial plans were to keep the gender a secret but we ended up finding out at our 20 week ultrasound that he was very much a boy! We were so excited about this little munchkin and I began knitting up a storm getting ready for him. Also Pinteresting- A LOT.

For the first two months our little guy had me pretty ill, in fact, I lost weight. The morning sickness newborndissipated around month 4 or 5, which seemed like an eternity. I enjoyed the respite from bringing up my breakfast every morning, and packed on the pounds (oops!)

The weight and the size of my belly slowed me down, as I’m certain it does most pregnant mamas, toward the end, and my feet were terribly swollen and sore. Thankfully, other than that, I was pretty healthy and didn’t have any concerns as we neared the due date.

On the 16th of August, I finished my last day of work in the mall. It was both an exciting and sad day; I would miss all my friends and the time I spent with them, but I was so thrilled to be getting closer and closer to meeting my little boy!

One month old

On the 18th my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower! It was great; all of my friends were there, and they were all so generous! We were truly blessed with a shower of wonderful gifts and a great time with lots of laughs and great food (I am fairly certain I ate at least 50% of the guacamole.)

I was pretty rotund at that point of my pregnancy and I don’t look too fondly at the photos of that even, HAH. But it was such a sweet gesture and I love my friends for it.

babypicsOn the 19th, Brady and I decided to make a trip down to Caronport to visit friends. We were still two whole weeks away from our due date, and thought it would be harmless. Well, it turns out that morning at 8am, when I felt kind of gross, it was the onset of labor. My sore stomach continued on throughout the day, getting worse and worse until we finally decided it was time to head back to Saskatoon. I ended up labouring pretty hard during the 3 hour drive home. That was not fun, let me tell you. The ride seemed to both go by both incredibly slowly and quickly at the same time; not sure how that happened, but I think that excruciating pain can warp your sense of time passing.

When we finally got to Saskatoon, Brady asked me, “Do we go home and get the hospital bag? Or go straight to the hospital?” I thought for a moment, because even though I was in so much pain, I was struggling to come to grips with the fact that I was actually in real labour; I was afraid that I was in false february2labour and would be turned away, “No. Just the hospital.” I figured; if I wasn’t in labor, I would be going home anyway, and if I was, we would have time to make a quick trip home before being admitted.

Boy was I wrong! “You’re five cm!” the nurse announced after checking me, “You’re here for the night!” Oh dear. And thus began the 12 hour journey with absolutely nothing but the clothes on our back began. I would have let Brady go home to grab some things and some food (we left Caronport before dinner was served, and he had no change for the vending machines!) except I was progressing fairly quickly and was terrified of having to deliver our baby alone. So he stayed.

I ended up getting an epidural, against my birth ‘plan’ – the contractions didn’t have breaks between them and were just riding one another over and over. I felt like I was having seizures when the pain was at it’s worst; my whole body shook and muscles tensed up so tightly. I stopped progressing largely due to the fact I was fighting the contractions so hard.

A few hours later and Atlas was finally born with the help of a vacuum and some amazing doctors, residentsfebruary and nurses. He was taken away immediately to be evaluated by the NICU team, due to the fact his heart rate had been erratic for the last bit of labour and the fact that he’d been delivered by vacuum. But he was quickly OK’d and sent back to me. I bawled as I held him for the first time, and my husband snuggled close. He was finally here!

Since then he’s wiggled his way deeper into our hearts; making himself at home as though he’d always been here. And it feels like he has; I can’t imagine life without him, and barely remember what it was like when he wasn’t here. He’s so funny and sweet and stubborn and opinionated. He’s so perfectly who and what he was always meant to be.


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