Family Friday: Milestone Mania

So, a certain little boy has been blazing through the milestones. He’s a week short of being seven months old and already this;Image

He’s learned to sit on his own, army-crawl and pull himself up to standing all in the span of a month and a half. How crazy is this kid? He’s also gotten big enough that he had to move out of his infant carseat and into a ‘big boy’ car seat- still rear facing, but no longer one we can carry around. Which is just as well, because at over 20lb, that thing was a supreme pain in the butt to hoist up to our third floor walkup!


I do worry, though, that this whole speeding through these milestones thing is starting to take a toll on him. The poor guy is starting to have even rougher nights than usual; he used to wake up after 6 hours then every 4 after that. Now he is waking up every 3, at least. Usually after 4am he wakes up once on the hour; can’t seem to get back to sleep all the way. I’ve read that a change in sleep patterns can be attributed to physical growth spurts and also milestones like sitting and crawling which are effecting his brain development and cause all sorts of craziness with a baby’s routine. This was a helpful article that has to do with sleeping and milestones.

Isn’t this hilarious? I know that it’s blurry and not at all studio quality, but I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression.

He is still as wonderful as ever; his joyful moments of triumph are just punctuated with half-hour spurts of nonsensical crying. Crying that even my snuggles and rocking won’t help. Which makes me even more firmly certain that it is his teeth; despite the fact that I can neither see nor feel them through the gums. Stay tuned, though, I’m sure we’ll have a pearly-whites photo in the near future!!


 In other news, Brady’s internship is finalized and we are staying put! We’ll be here until (at the earliest) April 2016. It’s kind of a relief that we won’t have to move cross-country twice in an 18 month span, but at the same time a little sad that we’ll still be so far away from family. I am glad that this internship is providing us with a break from the University; having Brady at a 9-5 position for a little will really give us a chance to spend some time doing normal family stuff. Also, two bedroom apartment; here we come! As soon as I can work out the logistics and figure out our new budget. We are so there! I am really hoping that Atlas having his own room will help with some of our sleep problems; but that might just be a pipe-dream!!


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