Family Fridays: Surviving the Wait until Spring

So, it’s about this time every year that the drizzly grey sky and the cold temperatures and the snow start to get on my nerves. Anyone with me? Christmas is over. January- Christmas’ grace extended period (and my birthday!) is over. February, which is always cold, so we just have to deal with it, is on it’s way out. Isn’t it about time for some warmth around here? We got a teaser the other day; a sunny 1 degree! I was so excited, but the only problem is that in Saskatchewan, when the weather is unseasonably warm, we also get enough wind gusts up to ridiculously-fast KMPH.

At any rate. This week was reading week at the University so Brady has been home every single day. It has been awesome, to say the least. Brady even got up with Atlas one day this week. I was pretty stoked about that- well, actually I was pretty asleep about that. Hah.

Shopping Cart Cutie

This week Atlas turned six months. This is a pretty big milestone, I guess; half a year! He sat in a shopping cart baby-chair for the first time (see photo!) and ate rice cereal for the first time. It’s totally wild that he is really, actually growing up. Half of me is excited and the other half is yearning for the days when Atlas was so tiny I could tuck him into the crook of my arm and he would sleep through everything (including the night) and didn’t mind being left alone for 10 minutes while I did the dishes. *cough* Okay, but sitting in a shopping cart is pretty awesome; what Mama doesn’t love to show off her little champ while getting her groceries??

We’re still waiting to hear about Brady’s internship; where we are going or not going. We had expected news on Tuesday and it’s now Friday. Needless to say, Brady is a little on edge. So are our families.

Welp; it’s been a pretty tame week, and we’re looking forward to Spring, to more baby milestones, and to finding out where we’re going to be in the next couple of months.


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